7DS Capital provides the very best in fundamental research into the North American residential real estate industry to a select group of institutional investors.

What sets us apart is our approach, our in-depth research, and our industry insider access. As the sister company to 7DS Associates, a longtime strategy consultancy in the real estate industry with deep understanding on the complex web that is residential real estate, deep relationships throughout the space, and fearless brilliance that is our hallmark, 7DS Capital is the edge top institutional investors need.

Whether you are testing your investment thesis, or looking at essential research for a possible investment, 7DS Capital has the data, the insights and the network you need to make an informed investment decision.

We limit the number of clients because we prefer to work with the best of the best professional investors who deserve to have an edge in their decisions.

Real insights about real estate, for when it really matters.


About Rob Hahn

Rob is the founder of 7DS Associates, a management consulting firm in real estate., but most of you know him from his well-known blog, The Notorious R.O.B., and from his many speaking engagements throughout the industry.

Rob has what you might call a varied background with stints in high finance, law, technology, startups, fashion sales, and even professional gaming. He started in real estate investing in airplane hangars (true story!). He moved on to Realogy, where he headed interactive marketing and product for Coldwell Banker Commercial before striking out on his own.

As a strategy consultant, 7DS Associates has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, from national franchises to the biggest names in brokerage, major MLSs and REALTOR Associations, major hedge funds and private equity funds, to technology companies we all know, to startups and even agent teams. He doesn’t talk about his clients, because that is between him and them, and leveraging their brand for his business is not his idea of service.

7DS Capital is his newest venture aimed at providing the best and the most unique insights into the residential real estate industry in North America. If you need to understand the complex web that is residential real estate, you have come to the right place and to the right person.

He is a graduate of Yale University with a BA in Philosophy. As the Wall Street Philosophy Banks were not hiring, he added a JD from NYU along with student loans the size of a good mortgage. He is a refugee from New Jersey currently residing in fabulous Las Vegas with his wife Sunny.