Research Reports

7DS Capital provides monthly updates and a longer quarterly report on the residential real estate industry, the five publicly traded companies in it, as well as how the trends, events, and changes impact the entire web that is real estate. Leveraging our wide network of some of the top brokers and agents, CEOs of major companies, and our access to industry data that is available nowhere else, our reports are the gold standard for the most serious of institutional investors.

Bespoke Research

For some of our clients, we undertake custom bespoke research projects to help them answer critical questions. We are able to do both quantitative data-driven research as well as qualitative research based on interviews and surveys of the people who actually make the residential real estate industry run.

Review & Consultation

7DS Capital also works with those clients who have their own internal research to review their findings and offer our insights. Because we have such a deep understanding of how the industry works, what biases might be in play, and where the shifting lines of competition are, we are able to see things that few others even within the industry can. We know you do some great research; we can help you understand what you're seeing and hearing.

Strategic Advice

7DS Capital also offers strategic advisory services for institutional investors who may be interested in going beyond the five publicly traded companies. If you are interested in private equity or private financing opportunities in the real estate industry, we can help you with your investment strategy, identify potential opportunities and help you sift the wheat from the chaff.